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Grabouw Oasis
waterwise artificial / synthetic South Africa
The Paul’s moved into this lovely house to be close to the Grandchildren.

Unfortunately the garden was not too child friendly.

We have now installed a perfect play area for all to enjoy. Grandparents, mother, grandchildren as well as the Fur Children.
Happy Baby, Happy Grandmother
waterwise artificial / synthetic South Africa

Kathy has the most adorable Grandson Jackson.

She wanted the back area to be grassed so that she can put up the Jungle Gym, that the kids had used when they were small, now for Jackson.

We were very happy to help and she and her Grandson are in their elements.

She has since extended the area and it is looking Marvelous

Thank you Kathy Ashwell for trusting us with your area.

Privacy Screen for Cottage Stoep
waterwise artificial / synthetic South Africa

The owner of this cottage wanted a barrier to screen off the stoep of the cottage from the neighbour and provide shade from the afternoon sun.

The solution is this lovely combination of two ivy's, set on wire mesh to allow the sunlight to still filter through. 

The stoep is now a lovely private area to enjoy the outdoors.

Rescuing a Struggling Back Garden
waterwise artificial / synthetic South Africa

This family was constantly battling with a piece of lawn where the grass would just not grow because of the water restrictions and tons of weeds that took over.

Now this family has a lovely area to enjoy a braai or game of lawn cricket without having to wear shoes.

Even the plants surrounding the area look happier!

An Alcove Made Pretty
waterwise artificial / synthetic South Africa

Who said your fire extinguisher cannot reside in style?

This alcove that houses the fire equipment was not pretty to look at.

With artificial wall covering in two types of ivy, now this area is good to look at and adds dimension to an otherwise drab space.

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